TBN Enlace It is a religious television channel of USA. It is a Hispanic faith channel. Hispanic faith programs from Latin American countries and Spain is the reason behind its popularity. This channel is also known as TBN USA and Enlace USA. It is the Spanish language cable television. Its Christian programs are well appreciated by Hispanic community. Trinity Broadcasting network is partner of TBN Enlace. This channel is available in various satellites, cable. This channel is provides free of service on digital sub channel X.4 is some areas of USA. This channel broadcasts church services, music videos, children’s programs, talk shows and other religious events. Most of the programs belong to Latin America, Argentina, Guatemala, macros Witt. This channel provides the principles, dedication, morals and ethics of Jesus Christ amongst the populace of United States of America.


University of Michigan Television (UMTV) – It is famous television channel of United States of America. This channel broadcasts its programs under the University of Michigan. UMTV broadcasts original, non-commercial education programs. This program is very fruitful and prolific for the students of college, school and other educational institutions. UMTV broadcasts its programs 24 hours. This channel produced programs which has depth conversation with Washington’s journalists, teachers. Some of its programs contain the information about the politics, ethics, etc… This channel has taken the place amongst the students of United States of America. This television channel has received so many awards in the field of education, politics, and journalism etc. day by day; its viewership is increasing because of its fabulous


TCT is a religious television channel from USA. TCT was founded on May 20, 1977. It is a free television channel broadcasts inspirational programming designed to appeal to a wide variety of denominational and cultural backgrounds.


Americas store – Shopping was a US shopping television network. Americas store was launched in the year 1988.  Formerly, Americas store  was known as Home Shopping Club and Home Shopping SPREE.  Americas store  channel was totally broadcasting the news about the latest products.  Apart from this, Americas store  was providing the facilities to the viewer to purchase the products.  Internet and telephone are the two major ways to purchase products.  Americas store  has been Ceased broadcasting on 3rd April, 2007.


Faith Vision – Religious was initially showing the religious programs only.  But later on the religious programs quantity has been decreased. Faith Vision   was launched in the year 1987.  National Interfaith cable coalition is the group, who has intended to programmed it. Cable Operators had formed this network. Faith Vision  is broadcasted in English language.


ESPN-is an American sports television network. ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. ESPN  is fully dedicated to broadcast and produce sports related information and programs. ESPN was launched on September 7,1979 under the direction Chet Simmons(the network 1st president and CEO). ESPN is one fabulous channel to get any information regarding sports. ESPN shows live of cricket,badminton,tennis,football and many more sports.

Combat is a sports television station from USA. It is owned by KOCO Sports. It is a 24 hours sports channel. WWE, Boxing, MMA are the sports mainly broadcasted in this channel.


Daystar – Religious is a Christian television network. The founders are Marcus Lamn and his wife.Programs related to the christian is broadcasting. Program includes celebration, an hour long daily talk show hosted by the founders. Daystar was launched on December 31, 1997. The local musical shows are also shown in Daystar  channel.

NASA (public) is broadcasting in United States. Major programs and events are being covered by NASA (public)  channel only. Through this channel public get aware with the success of NASA. Apart from United States the headquarters are also present in Washington,D.C. NASA (public)  was formerly known by  the name NASA select.  The language used for the programs is English. So, any religion people can easily understand and grasp from NASA (public)  channel.


C-SPAN 3 is an abbreviation of cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network is an American cable television network.  Programs related to government proceedings and public affairs programming are broadcasting in C-SPAN 3 channel. Apart from C-SPAN 3 is also broadcasting other uninterrupted live special events and airs a large amount of  historical programming.    C-SPAN 3 channel was launched on January 22, 2001.