Turkey TV

Kanal B is a general television channel from Turkey. It broadcasts films, news, sports, information, children programs and entertainment programs. All ages of people can watch the programs broacasted in this channel.

IMTV is a music channel from Turkey. Cultural music and pop music are broadcasted in this channel. Music videos, live music shows, talk shows and interviews are shown in IMTV. It is a very popular music channel in Turkey.

Islami muzik is a religious music channel from Turkey.  It is most popular religious  music channel in middle east. Sufi music, Islamic religious songs and Islam news are broadcasted in this channel.

Yumurcak TV is a children television channel from Turkey.  It shows programs about children education and entertainment. Programs include cartoon programs, informational programs are shown in this channel. It is a very popular channel in Turkey.

Malatya TV is a general television channel from malatya.  Malatyanian Society runs this television channel. National and international news, public talk shows, series, children programs, educational programs, sports and ,movies are broadcasted in this channel.

Oncu TV is  a general local television channel from Turkey. It is a local news channel. It mainly deals with the national news. Current happenings in country, political news, sports news and financial news are broadcasted  in Oncu TV.

Bilim Kultur TV is an educational television channel from Turkey.  Suleyman Demirel University is broadcasting this television channel.  Live and recorded activities of  Suleyman Demirel University are broadcasts in this channel.

Expo Channel is a general television channels from Turkey. It broadcasts  movies, TV shows, series, family entertainment programs and news. It is getting more popularity day by day.

WTC is a 24 hours news channel from Turkey. WTC stands for World trade center Ankara.  From 1992 onwards it is providing services in Turkey. It mainly deals with international market news and international economy news. Programs include discussion about market news and financial stabilities of counties.

Sky Turk – Is a Turkish national news channel and is one of the famous news channel in Turkey. Sky Turk is of Çukurova Group. This group is very popular for providing various channels in Turkey. Show TV is also belong to this group. Sky Turk is updating  with sports, finance, crime etc.  News which will help you to being aware of current affairs.