Greece TVGreece TVStar TV- Since the year 1993 in Greece, Star Channel is broadcasting a mix of Greek and foreign programs. Star Channel is known in the country for providing better quality of programs in terms of news bulletins and live shows. In the collection of its programs ‘Fotis Maria Live’ includes magazine segments on cooking, health shows, fashion, lifestyle issues and many more, along with this shows, ‘Gala’, ‘Nistikoi Praktores’ and ‘Proini Meleti’ provides most interesting theme based programs such as helpful tips on eating and nutrition. Showbiz news, gossips, sports news, entertainment and top headlines of Greece and abroad are delightful feature of Star TV. Star channel is available globally with the help of international satellites. Star TV’s programs schedules:
•    Nistikoi Praktores- weekdays at 7:45am
•    Star Eidiseis- Airs at 12:30pm, 4:30pm (update) & 7:45pm
•    Super Star- airs weekdays at 1:30pm
•    Fotis media live – airs weekdays at 4:45pm.


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