Spanish TV

Tele Taxi – is a television of Tele Taxi Group. Tele Taxi is a musical channel which will thrill you with its best music. Tele Taxi is of type PAL and DVB-T(simulcast). The music is mostly Spanish and  includes informative and entertaining programs as Anem x Feina, Kitchen of Mercats, Formula TT, Double-T.


Argentina TVChannel 4 Channel 4 – Local TV from San Juan. Discussion programs and in depth documentaries  touch upon political and social issues. Our goal is to make television a useful tool to inform with objectivity, equity and to form healthy entertain. We are working to achieve a television committed to change that society demands. We know it is a great challenge, and it is worth.

TELECINCO –  was formed on March 10, 1989 and began test broadcasts in the March 1990. The channel began broadcasts with digital technology on April 3, 2002, and since then broadcast in simulcast.
The main line of activity of the Group CHANNEL is the exploitation of advertising space on the television channel that operates.
Since the beginning of its operations has maintained a formal separation between the activity television, developed by TELECINCO as a direct dealer, and the exploitation of advertising space, which carries out the subsidiary Publiespaña.
Until March 2004, and TELECINCO Publiespaña were owned by the same partners and in the same proportion. In March 2004 saw the integration of Publiespaña in TELECINCO through a capital increase of TELECINCO, signed by its partners through the provision of the shares of Publiespaña.
In 1997 Silvio Berlusconi’s Mediaset acquired most of shares in Telecinco. Gestevisión Telecinco was listed on the stock exchange on 24 June 2004.

CNN Plus – CNN+ is a Spanish 24-hour television news channel launched in 1999 by Sogecable and Turner Broadcasting, a unit of Time Warner. The channel is based in Spain.


Canal 24 Horas – 24 Hour Channel is TVE’s 24-hour news channel. Having launched on September 15, 1997, it is Spain’s first news and information channel. Since January 27, 1999, it competes with privately owned CNN Plus.
The channel produces news output and factual programmes for TVE1, TVE2 and TVE Internacional, and simulcasts most domestic news programmes aired on TVE1.
Will be one of the stars of DTT. Everything that happens in Spain and the World counted live, continuously, 24 hours a day.
The Canal 24 Horas was the first television channel of continuous information which became operational in our country.
The signal from the Canal 24 Horas can tune via satellite in America, Europe and North Africa.Its international news broadcast simultaneously through the international channel TVE, which is also in Asia and Oceania.
It is also the first channel which adopted digital technology, both under development and in the issuance of its contents. Now delivered by the DTT open for Spain.