Slovakia TV

Music Box is a music television channel from Slovakia.  Its main target is youth.  This is a 24 hours television channel. Music Box is an interactive channel.


TA3 is a news channel from Slovakia. It is 24 hours news channel. TA3 was started in 2001. International and local news are broadcasted in this channel.


Bratislava is a general television channel from Slovakia. It broadcasts talk shows, Movies and documentaries.


STV 3 is a sports television channel from Slovakia. Sports include Basketball, Tennis, Darts, Hockey, Motor Racing, Football are broadcast in STV 3 channel.


Markiza is an entertainment channel from Slovakia. Serials, Movies, Talk shows and Children programs are broadcast in this channel. All ages of people can watch Markiza Channel.


TV LUX is started in 1992 in Slovakia. This channel main aim is to build the Slovakian television for spreading peace and encouragement. It is a general television channel with great moral values.