Russia TV

Russia TV W-TVW-TV – this channel will be interesting especially for people not indifferent to the development of musical and cultural currents.  The main thrust of the channel – this is music and audio visual works (films, videos, etc.). 



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Russian state-owned news channel Russia Today on Thursday began broadcasting in Arabic in 32 Muslim countries, Russian news agencies reported.
The channel, which will be called Rusiya al-Yaum in Arabic, follows Russia Today’s English-language version, which was launched in December 2005.


Eurosport – is a European sports satellite and cable network, available in 54 countries and broadcasting in 20 different languages. Eurosport offers viewers varied sports such as Champions League, UEFA Cup football, the Paris Dakar Rally, Monte Carlo Rally, the Olympics, Le Tour de France, tennis events, World Championship Snooker & wintersports.