Romania TV

Antena 1 is a sports television channel from Romania. Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling are broadcast in this channel. Interviews with the sports persons also broadcasted in this channel.


Antena International is a news channels from Romania. National and international news including Sports news, financial news, political news. It is a most popular news channel in Romania.


Cosmos TV is a music television channel from Romania. Live music shows, Music videos, interviews with popular music person are broadcasted in this channel. Cosmos is a most popular musical channel in Romania.


Credo TV is started to establish human values and Jude o-Christian civilization. Mainly Spiritual programs are broadcasted in this channel. Life style documentaries, Children programs and cultural programs are other programs are broadcasted in Credo TV.


Pratech TV is a informational television channel from Romania. It broadcasts interesting and useful information from different domains like health, IT, tourism, automobile, house hold issues, offered daily by professionals.


Antena 2 is a entertainment television channel from Romania. Public talk shows are mainly shown in this channel. Not only public shows but also it broadcasts movies, serials, Fashion News etc.


TVRM is a educational television channel from Romania. It is under University of Spiru Haret. This university also running another channel named by TVRM  Cultural. From schooling to college educational topics are discussed in this channel by experts.