Religious TV

4E TV is a Greek Religious TV Channel. It is under Orthodox Church, a reputed church in Greece. This channels broadcasts programs about Orthodox Church live services and informative programs. Programs are divided into category in a manner so that all ages of people can watch 4E TV.


Life TV is Estonian Religious news channel. The main aim of this channel is  to give the people the opportunity to hear the Gospel which is the power of God and brings salvation to everyone who believes and  to reach as many people as possible in Estonia and abroad. It is very popular in Estonia.  The main Office of Life TV is at Tallinn, Estonia.


DK Net is a Christian  religious television channel from Sweden. It is belong to Nordic Ministries. Programs about Christ and his Gospel are mainly broadcast in this channel.

Spirit World is African religious television channel owned by Spirit World Ministries. It is launched on 2004. This channel main aim is to present body of Christ through electronic media. Spirit World is a 24 hours channel.

Peace TV is a islamic religious TV channel. Peace TV broadcats its programmes in Urdu,Hindi and EDnglish. But most of them upto 70% of programmes are broadcats in English. Peace TV was launched in January 21, 2006. Peace TV  Broadcats its programmes in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America. The main programmes in Peace TV are realted to live events, lecturing programs and children learning shows. Around 55 Million Viewers are watching Peace TV.


Dawat-e-Islami TV channels is a religious TV channel. It is running by Dawat-e-Islami oraganization, which is a non political and international oraganization for Islam. This oraganizaton was foundred in 1980. This group also have another channel, Madani chanel. Dawat-e-Islami TV is a non commercial television channel. Dawat-e-Islami TV channels shows its programmes 24 hours a day.


Hadi TV is an initiative has been taken of launching a satellite television channel of Pakistan to spread the true teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Aale Muhammad (AS).It has been named after the name of 10th Imam and duly called Hadi TV. The channel is serving as a unique form of edutainment and infotainment for our community around the world. Hadi TV is broadcasting in four languages to cater to the global audience. It is first-ever multilingual Islamic channel to broadcast programmes in English, Urdu, Thai and Malay languages. With the grace of Almighty (SWT), an initiative has been taken of launching a satellite television channel to spread the true teaching of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Aale Muhammad (AS).

Daystar – Religious is a Christian television network. The founders are Marcus Lamn and his wife.Programs related to the christian is broadcasting. Program includes celebration, an hour long daily talk show hosted by the founders. Daystar was launched on December 31, 1997. The local musical shows are also shown in Daystar  channel.

Salt and Light– is a 2 digital cable specialty channel.  salt and Light comes under the Canadian category.  Salt and Light is launched  in July 2003. Salt and Light is the first catholic national television channel. Salt and Light airs programs in several languages .   Mostly Salt and Light is using English and french.  Salt and Light is supported by St.Joseph Communications, which is the largest privately owned communication company. The programs aired by  Salt and Light channel  is very popular.  Also Salt and Light  is the first catholic national television channel, so initially  Salt and Light was center of attraction for the Catholics. Once you start viewing,you will stick to it.


CBN Live – Religious stands for Christian Broadcasting Network. CBN Live is a live channel that broadcasts local programs and also news about cricket matches.  CBN Live is a major unit providing religious programs to the viewers. Christian related activities and the other religious programs are broadcasting. CBN Live  is available  nationally and internationally .