Poland TV

Telewizja is Poland’s public broadcasting corporation. About a third of Telewizja’s income comes from a broadcast receiver license. The first test television broadcast took place in 1937.


Dami Radom was started  in February 1992. At that time it was a programme in Local Cable TV. In November 2001 Radom programme producer started Dami Radom TV channel. It brodcats its programmes between from 9.45 until 23.30 hours.Now  Dami Radom is viewed by almost every day for about 70 thousand people .


TOYA TV is Poland’s largest cable TV with Polish capital. TOYA TV is in 5th place when we compared it with subscribers. Toya TV broadcasts its  program in March 1997 for ten hours. every day. One of the objectives is to create a TV Toya TV co-created by consumers. TOYA TV broadcasts schedule is over forty recurring information programs, intervention, cultural, sporting, economic, educational and entertaining.


KISS TV is a UK based music television channel. It is a popular music channel in europe. It is very popular for its programmes . The main programmes broadcasts in KISS TV  is live music events, gossip about pop stars, music shows and interviews with pop stars.


ESKA TV is a music channel from Poland. Actually it is a new project group Radio Time aimed to  young people. On ESKA TV can watch the latest clips from artists known as the radio antenna eski. ESKA TV broadcasts exclusive interviews with known music legends to its viewers. Viewers can find very much gossip  about popular stars around the world. ESKA TV is created by people loving media and new challenges for which the viewer is always most important.