Music TV

France TVArt ChannelArt Channel – is much more than a satellite TV station: it is an artwork for itself, revolutionary, declaring Television as Art.  Video art, virtual art, experimental movies, short movies, musical video clips, no-comment documentaries, interviews, backstage footage of international artistic events, digital creations.


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UK TVInvincible TVInvincible TV – was launched in 2005 as one of the 1st online entertainment TV stations based in the UK, broadcasting quality videos, programmes, interviews and documentaries to the world via the worldwide web. The channel been seeing by an estimated audience of 200,000 viewers worldwide. Invincible is one of the only TV stations in the world actively supported by a magazine, DVD release and a Radio station.


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Latvia TVSTV MusicSTV Music –  is 100% music – 24/7 STV Music has up to 500 music videos available to choose from. Concerts of popular groups, videos, music news.



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MTV stands for Music Television. It is US based music channel. It is the most popular music channel in India. Classic music, Pop Music and western music are broadcasted in this television channel. “MTV Roadies” is the most popular program in this television channel. Gossips about stars and interviews with popular stars and musical persons also shown in this channel.


O TV is a music television channel from Ukraine. Music from all over Europe is broadcasted in this channel. Main young people watch this television channel.


Cosmos TV is a music television channel from Romania. Live music shows, Music videos, interviews with popular music person are broadcasted in this channel. Cosmos is a most popular musical channel in Romania.


IMTV is a music channel from Turkey. Cultural music and pop music are broadcasted in this channel. Music videos, live music shows, talk shows and interviews are shown in IMTV. It is a very popular music channel in Turkey.

Islami muzik is a religious music channel from Turkey.  It is most popular religious  music channel in middle east. Sufi music, Islamic religious songs and Islam news are broadcasted in this channel.

KISS TV is a UK based music television channel. It is a popular music channel in europe. It is very popular for its programmes . The main programmes broadcasts in KISS TV  is live music events, gossip about pop stars, music shows and interviews with pop stars.


Tele Taxi – is a television of Tele Taxi Group. Tele Taxi is a musical channel which will thrill you with its best music. Tele Taxi is of type PAL and DVB-T(simulcast). The music is mostly Spanish and  includes informative and entertaining programs as Anem x Feina, Kitchen of Mercats, Formula TT, Double-T.