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History movies is an international satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts program regarding historical events and persons. History movies also shows some metaphysical and pseudo scientific explanations noted by some historians or scholars. History movies  was launched on January 1, 1995. A&E Television Networks has owned this channel. The slogan for History movies channel is”History made Everyday”. The headquarters for broadcasting this channel are in New York city,united states.

France TVClap TV Clap TV – group Clap Films offers various programs varied focusing on culture and to help launch and artistic talent.  ClapTV open to other genres including reports of various public interest of information and entertainment more popular.  Interviews and various concerts.  Various associations in the Paris region. Short Movies, Kids Movies, Music, Videos, Live Interviews. Reportage of the  famous people and politicians.

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Reelgood TV – is to provide free quality streaming video programming, and free on demand video content. seeks to influence a post-modern popular culture through mediated communication that is innovative, excellent, and integrous. The vision of this internet tv station is to become a leader in global entertainment. This station will be commercially viable, culturally relevant and influential, and a pioneer in the use of new media technologies. The station will provide an incubator environment in which student team members will develop leadership and managerial skills that maximize their educational experience and prepares them for a post graduate environment.


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