Greek TV

Greece TVVoice of GodVoice of God – is a Christian broadcast whose aim is to propagate the Word of God , as it is written in the divine archetypal Greek texts, and exclusively preaches the decrees determined by the Apostles of the first Apostolic church. We would be greatly pleased to accept any of your remarks or suggestions.


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Greece TVThraki NetThraki Net – Daily show highlights the activities of the people of Thrace, collectively and individually. Policy program with invited Members, prefects, mayors and statesman of Thrace.  Guests of the program, answers to critical questions on the issues, analyze the work and political activity while replying to questions sent in by viewers during the debate.


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Greece TVPatras ChurchPatras Church – the purpose of this channel is to communicate with you and to inform our belief and our activities. We want you to know Jesus Christ the Savior. Confessions, articles, interviews, and gospels.


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Greece TVNea TVNea TV– is direct broadcast live coverage of major events relating to Crete. Nea TV produce entertainment and cultural work and to show the actors in contemporary culture, genre painting and the tradition of the place.


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Greece TVMad TVMad TV – continues to dish out the laughs on Saturday nights. The fast-paced, Emmy award winning comedy series has proven to be an audience favorite with its unrivalled pop-culture parodies and politically incorrect humor.


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Greece TVLyxnos TVLyxnos – is a religious television that is broadcasting from the Orthodox Bisdom in Patras.


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