Greece TV

Magic TV is a live sports channel from Greece. It broadcasts Live Sport matches, news covering basketball, football, water polo and also it broadcasts cultural news.


Blue Sky is a general television channel from Athens. It broadcasts programs regarding family entertainment, news, weather, Current affairs and sports.


Wzra 48 TV is the Tampa Bay area’s first ethnic channel, reaching to ethnic groups in Greece. Most of the programs is in Greek as it is aimed for the Greek audience. But it also broadcasts program in other languages like Italian,German and English. Wzra 48 TV is founded in late 1990s. Slogan for this channel is “International Television channel”. Wzra 48 TV broadcasts some general entertainment and infomercials. currently transmitter for this channel is in Oldsmar, broadcasting at 41.7KW.


Hellenic TV is a Greek language Television channel based in Harringey. It was launched in 1982. Hellenic TV was born out of a dream to provide a television channel for the Greek Community in London. It started broadcasting in December 1990, for 3 hours, connected to just 13 homes in Camden which was the first area to receive our signal. Hellenic TV broadcasts family entertainment programs.


4E TV is a Greek Religious TV Channel. It is under Orthodox Church, a reputed church in Greece. This channels broadcasts programs about Orthodox Church live services and informative programs. Programs are divided into category in a manner so that all ages of people can watch 4E TV.


Skai TV – Greek TV station, based in Athens. It was relaunched  on April 1st, 2006 in Athens and gradually managed to spread its coverage nationwide. Besides analog over-the-air transmission, it is also available FTA all over Europe via Hellas-Sat-2.