French TV

MCM –  is a French music video TV channel. It was started in 1989 by Groupe Europe following the MTV model. MCM broadcasts 3 encrypted music TV channels “MCM France”, “MCM Pop” and “MCM Top” as part of the “CanalSat France”subscription TV package from the “Astra 1”.
MCM Top is at present available unencrypted worldwide from the main MCM Website.


BFM TV is French 24-hour television news channel. BFM TV is held by the French group NextradioTV.
It has been launched first on the French digital terrestrial television (known as TNT) and is broadcast free 24 hours a day.
Availability:By Satellite – Canalsat Channel 44, TPS Channel 52, TV Vlaanderen Digitaal Channel 59
                  By Cable – Noos Channel 41,Numericable Channel 26, MC Cable Channel 85, Coditel Channel 263
                  By IPTV over ADSL – Freebox TV Channel 15, Neuf Channel 15, Alice France Channel 15,DartyBox  Channel 15, Orange TV Channel 15, SFR TV.