Duna TV

Duna TV –  is the state owned public television company in Hungary. “Duna” is the Hungarian name for the Danube. It was launched in December ,1992. Apart from Hungary this channel is broadcasting in Romania. Duna TV  is the first Hungarian TV station to broadcast on satellite. Duna TV channel broadcasts news about the Hungarian minority of Europe. Duna TV is the first Hungarian channel which broadcasts for 24-hour.


Duna II Autonomia –  is a Hungarian television channel own and operated by Duna TV. Duna II Autonomia  was launched in the year 2006 and is owned by Duna TV. Duna TV is the sister channel of Duna II Autonomia – General. Duna II Autonomia provides general programs to the viewers keeping all age people in mind.  Large number of people view Duna II Autonomia  channel and is gaining popularity day by day.