China TV

CCTV Russia is a Russian language international channel of CCTV group of china. CCTV Russia is known as for broadcasting news, educational programs, entertainment, musical concerts and so on. Its Musical programs provide freshness and harmony inside mind. In CCTV Russia Singers and musicians who are experts in their fields perform concerts which capture the heart of audience. On 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Beijing and Moscow, China Central Broadcasting launched CCTV Russia on September 10 2009. It provides its services in Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific Region through satellite Chinasat 6B and EB-9A.  The program is viewed by a large section of Chinese and Russian speaking people. Its news bulletin is always very precise and up to date. Miscellaneous news bulletins and variation of programs increase its attraction.


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CCTV8– is the television drama channel of the china central television.  CCTV8  provides acting  platform to the Chinese student . CCTV8  shows drama based on the real life happenings and  about the Chinese culture too. CCTV8’s picture quality and sound system is very good.


TVB– was the first over the air commercial television station in HongKong. TVB  is largest Chinese programme producer in the world. It commenced broadcasting  on 19 November 1967. TVB  is one of two free to air television broadcasters in  HongKong. TVB  Operates five channels in HongKong. J2 and iNews channels are operated by it which update the viewers through the current affairs.

CCTV5– is also known as the sports Channel.  CCTV5 is Owned by China central Television, which is a family of networks and is the main sports broadcaster in the people’s Republic of China. CCTV5  was launched on January 1,1995. CCTV5 broadcasts many games like English Premiership, world cup, Olympic Games and Asian Games. CCTV5  exclusively covers the Europeab Football League. It provides 24hrs service to the viewers.


MTV China– is a news channel of China Central Television,broadcasting across the people of Republic of china. MTV-China  awares the viewer with the domestic and international events. MTV-China shows current  affairs throughout the day. Other countries and Greater china region people can watch this channel via satellite. MTV-China  is one of the popular news channel in china.


CCTV 1-is available to both cable and terrestrial television viewers. CCTV 1 is a complete source of entertainment. CCTV 1 is the primary channel of the Chinese television network. CCTV 1 has a mixture of all kinds of TV programs like family drama,educational, sports, college life based programs Once you sit before this channel,you will remain  stick to it.


NTD TV-The mission of NTD TV  channel is to provide uncensored news to china. For this the Chinese authorities have shut down the NTDTV’s broadcast via the Paris based satellite carrier Eutelsat. NTD TV  takes care of the ethics and values of china. NTD TV  tries to provide uncensored news to the viewers. This decision is put back on air on January 30th,2009.


CCTV6 Movies– is the movie channel of china central Television. Headquarter for this channel is situated in Beijing, China. CCTV6 Movies  is providing 24hrs service to the Viewers. All type of movies are shown in this channel. Types of film Played are narrative film,Translated film and special film. Other language movies are shown after translated or with subtitle in Chinese. By this CCTV6 Movies  is easily understandable by the Chinese viewers. So,they can enjoy both Chinese movies as well as other language movies.


CCTV-4 – Is the international broadcast for CCTV International in the Mandarin language. It is one of four CCTV channels that broadcasts outside of China.  CCTV-4 can also be watched in the United States on DirecTV.