Art TV

France TVArt ChannelArt Channel – is much more than a satellite TV station: it is an artwork for itself, revolutionary, declaring Television as Art.  Video art, virtual art, experimental movies, short movies, musical video clips, no-comment documentaries, interviews, backstage footage of international artistic events, digital creations.


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FAAP – Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado is a higher education institution in São Paulo, Brazil. It has regular courses of Arts, Communications, Engineering, Law, Computer Science, Economics and Business Administration. It also teaches MBA level courses. Faap is one of the best Film schools in Brazil.
The Foundation also provides high school level education and is an important cultural center in São Paulo, housing a theater and the Museum of Brazilian Art. Faap halls also receive important exhibits, most notably in the last few years, a Chinese art exhibit and the “Treasures of the Czars”.