USA TV Stations:

C-SPAN 3 is an abbreviation of cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network is an American cable television network.  Programs related to government proceedings and public affairs programming are broadcasting in C-SPAN 3 channel. Apart from C-SPAN 3 is also broadcasting other uninterrupted live special events and airs a large amount of  historical programming.    C-SPAN 3 channel was launched on January 22, 2001.


CBN Live – Religious stands for Christian Broadcasting Network. CBN Live is a live channel that broadcasts local programs and also news about cricket matches.  CBN Live is a major unit providing religious programs to the viewers. Christian related activities and the other religious programs are broadcasting. CBN Live  is available  nationally and internationally .

ABC News is a 24-hour news channel broadcasting at United States. ABC was launched in 2004. Programs shown are related to news. ABC includes breaking news, headline news each half hour and wide range of entertainment and life style programs. Not only national but international news are also broadcasting in ABC channel.  Because of its high quality information and data, ABC is very much liked by the viewers.

CBN News-The Christian Broadcasting Network  is a Cable Broadcasting Network broadcasting in United States. CBN – is not only the first Christian television station in Virginia, it was also the first in the nation. Programs provided in CBN News channel are basically in English. CBN News is a 24-hour news channel . Provides news about the stock market, current affairs and the happenings in the country.  CBN News Slogan is News 24/7. CBN News is the fastest News channel in the country.


Bloomberg– is a channel that provides business and financial news.  Bloomberg  is distributed globally over 200 million homes worldwide.  Bloomberg  was launched in 1994 and after that it has gained a lot of attention from the viewers. This is because of the Quality of news provided by this channel.  Bloomberg is owned by Bloomberg L.P.   Its international headquarter is in New York City with European Headquarters in London and Asian Head Quarters in HongKong.

ENTV is viewed in united states but ENTV  is an Algerian television network. Programmes are broadcasting nationally and internationally. ENTV  is aired in United States through GlobeCast World TV service. The programs shown in ENTV channel are mostly liked by United States people. so, ENTV has a huge number of  audiences.


WSTV – White Springs TV delivers primarily classic movies, and made for TV movies from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s. All 6000+ titles are presented in high quality digital format and without commercial interruption. This content is provided 24×7 via satellite, to TV stations, cable operators, and FTA dishes throughout USA, Canada, Mexico and South America.

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UWTV – is an award-winning television channel brought to you by the University of Washington. We offer original, non-commercial educational programming — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A unique educational resource, UWTV provides our audience with direct access to world-renowned scientists and researchers whose insights and discoveries are changing our world.

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The Church Channel – is a multi-denominational religious network that will feature church service programs 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.The faith community will finally have a reason to subscribe to digital television. There are 330,000 churches in America and The Church Channel will bring the best of them to people’s living rooms. Church leaders will be interested in seeing their denomination represented on the network.

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TCT – Beginning with one Christian television station in the Cincinnati Ohio area, TCT has exploded into becoming a world-wide network of broadcast stations helping to bring the Gospel to the world. In the mid seventies, Garth and Tina Coonce left the security of the business world and stepped out in obedience to the leading of the Spirit. Similar to the experience of the patriarch, Abraham, they left the comforts of what they knew and entered into a new and unfamiliar land – broadcast television. TCT was founded on May 20, 1977.


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