United Kingdom TV Stations:

BME stands for Black and Minority Ethnic Television. It is owned by  Black and Minority Ethnic Television, Film & Media (BMETVFM) Charitable Foundation. This channel was launched on September 2003. BME supports black and minority ethnic persons who wish to access or develop a career in the creative industries. Programs regarding   Social Education, Music, Sports & Leisure, Entertainment,  Spirit  are broadcasted in BME TV.


BBC Parliament is an British parliamentary television channel from BBC. This channel broadcasts live programs and recorded coverage of the House of Commons and House of Lords of the British  Parliament.  It was launched on on 23 September 1998.  It also broadcasts documentaries which are significant events in history in UK and in the world.


3B TV is a musical entertainment channel from UK. It is owned by i2i Technology Ltd.  it is a 24 hours musical channel. 3B TV main aim is to provide  provide worldwide entertainment promoting new work by producers, writers, directors, animators and musicians etc. who want to showcase their work to the widest possible audience.


UK TVMuslimTVMuslimTV – Discussion programs and in depth documentaries touch upon political, social and religious issues. The channel has a global audience and the vast array of programs ranging from wildlife to cooking to computing are regularly broadcast to cater for different tastes and interests. Language classes that help viewers to improve their linguistic skills include Chinese, Urdu, Norwegian and Indonesian, to name a few.


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UK TVInvincible TVInvincible TV – was launched in 2005 as one of the 1st online entertainment TV stations based in the UK, broadcasting quality videos, programmes, interviews and documentaries to the world via the worldwide web. The channel been seeing by an estimated audience of 200,000 viewers worldwide. Invincible is one of the only TV stations in the world actively supported by a magazine, DVD release and a Radio station.


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UK TVGemsTVGemsTV – is a television for home shopping retailer of genuine colored gemstone jewelry that specializes in exclusive handcrafted designs, selling directly to customers through a “reverse auction” system via television home shopping.


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QVC UK – Back in 1993, QVC took on the revolutionary idea of TV shopping in the UK. Fourteen years later, QVC is a household name, broadcasting 24 hours a day to 18 million UK homes and serving around one million customers every year.


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Movies4Men – launched in the UK in February 2006 with two channels offering movies aimed primarily at Men 16 and above. Both Channels are available on the Sky digital platform and can be found at channel numbers 323 and 325 broadcasting for 21 hours a day.The two channels have a slight audience target differentiation with Movies4Men enjoying the best of War, Western, Film Noir and Detective movies.


Bid TV – Shopping – everyone’s favourite tv home shopping channel, where you will find top quality products at value prices, and fantastic customer service. You can buy online as well as direct from your tv – the choice is yours. You’ll find everything you’re looking for at bid tv – from homewares to jewellery, digital cameras to women’s fashion, clothing and accessories, Egyptian cotton towels to pots and pans! Whether you’re visiting us for the first time, or are a returning customer, find out more about bid tv and our website security. Read our guide on buying, pre-biding and Clearance Bargains.


Revelation TV – is a UK Christian television channel, that was started by Howard (an ex-Jehovah’s Witness) and Lesley Conder in 2003; the channel broadcasts on Sky Digital channel 585. Revelation broadcasts a high amount of self-created programming, regularly producing their own shows such as World In Focus, Church In Focus and R-Mornings.They also feature many programmes discussing the end times and the nation of Israel’s role in it. They are strong supporters of Zionism and regularly feature appearances from Messianic Jews. The channel is highly multi-cultural with participation from black and Asian Christians, though ‘multi-culturalism’ is regularly criticised by presenters.