Thailand TV Stations:

DMC is a religion television channel from Thailand. DMC stands for Dhamma Media Channel. It broadcast programs about Bhagavan Budda. Its main aim is to spread Buddhism across the world .

National Channel is the most popular news channel in Thailand. It broadcasts news about current affairs of Thailand. Not only national news but also it provides international news.

NBT is a 24 hours news channel from Thailand. NBT stands for National broadcasting of Thailand.It is a competitor news channel for National news. National and international news are broadcasted in this channel.

MCOT is a largest broadcaster in Thailand. It is a public limited company. Its Headquarter is in Bangkok. It operates television channels as well as radio channels. Mcot 1 is a news channel.

MCOT – Public Company Limited is a Thai media conglomerate. Its creation in 1955 as Thailand’s first television broadcaster, The Thai Television Company Limited. In 1977, this company was reconstituted as a state enterprise, the Mass Communications Organization of Thailand. The company was partially privatized in 2004.
Headquartered in Bangkok, MCOT operates a television station, Modernine TV (Channel 9),mcot1-2and news24.


Channel 7 – Bangkok Broadcasting & Television Company Limited Channel 7 is a Thailand television channel. The headquarters are located in Bangkok, Thailand. The channel was established in 1967.
Its first colour television feed started in 1973.