Latvia TV Stations:

Latvia TVTV 5 Riga TV 5 Riga – Latvian is the only channel in Russian. Audience feed nearly 1 million. Best russian and Soviet cinema. Humorous and children’s programs.


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Latvia TVSTV MusicSTV Music –  is 100% music – 24/7 STV Music has up to 500 music videos available to choose from. Concerts of popular groups, videos, music news.



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Latvia TVEuros TV Euros TV – European online TV, latest news, sports, music, fashion, film. Live broadcasting of competitions, seminars etc.


  STV.LV – Vsebaltiysky Internet TV channel streaming broadcasts, an alternative to television ( and allows you to always be aware of all developments. 
At your disposal television Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, special video reports of our correspondents, news videos, movie excerpts, interviews with famous people, live broadcasts of various events.