Israel TV Stations:

Shopping TV is the Israels first shopping television channel. It is getting popularity day by day. It is in  Hebrew language. All ranges of products are shown in this channel.


IFBN stands for Inspired Faith Broadcasting Network. It is a religious television channel from Israel. It is the first Messianic television channel. It broadcasts 24 hours a day. Praise music, worship music and messianic music are broadcasted in this television channel.

Channel 10 – formerly known as Israel 10 ‎is a commercial broadcasting television channel licensed in Israel. It operates under the auspices of the Second Israeli Broadcasting Authority. On January 2002 the channel began broadcasting. The channel’s schedule consists of original drama series, entertainment shows, news shows, lifestyle programs and foreign programs.
Channel 10 also operates its own news company.

Channel 99Arutz Ha-Knesset  – The Knesset Channel, The Israeli parliament channel A special channel for broadcasting Live from the Knesset- the Israeli parliament.


channel 99

Channel 2 – Arutz 2 is an Israeli commercial television started broadcasting in November 4, 1993 under the Second Israeli Broadcasting Authority. It has two current concessionaires: Keshet and Reshet, who divide the week schedule between them. One of the original concessionaries for Channel 2 was Telad, which during the renewal process was left out. The channel is the most popular and attracts millions of viewers every day.


Channel 23
Ha-Hinuhit  – The Educational Channel, Special channel for Life style and educational programs. In the past was a section of the IBA and broadcasted through the only channel

Arutz 33 – Channel 33- the IBA’s Arabic-language channel.

Channel 1 (Haarutz Ha-Rishon) – the IBA’s main channel (until the beginning of the 1990s there were no other channels in the Israeli television, and it was called “Ha-Televizia Ha-israelit” – “The Israeli Television”).


Channel 1