Germany TV Stations:

NDR (Hamburg) is a public radio and television broadcaster,based in Hamburg. NDR transmits for the German states of Lower saxony,Mecklenburg-vorpommern along with the city state of Hamburg. NDR is a member of the ARD consortium. It was launched on 1 January,1956. It avails the regional,national and international programs to the viewers.

Fashion Guide TV –  is a television network broadcasting current events in the fashion world. The news regarding the fashion business,Economy ,sports and many more.It shows the lifestyle in the fashion world.It also provides a career path for the viewers who are interested in fashion designing and also those want to be a model.


Germany TVTRP1TRP1 – Regional television from Niederbayern (Passau).The TRP1 TV channel provides general regional programming.



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Germany TVTV HalleTV Halle – In addition to our daily broadcasts major TV Hall current and Hall hello! ”  we produce weekday formats, such as “gym” with the regional sports events or “cult” – The current culture magazine with tips and schedules for the Weekend. TV Hall also produced several TV entertainment programs, such as “TV Hall Celebrity cuisine and service formats, such as “On the euro and cent” or “building, housing and living.”


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Germany TVBundesligen TVBundesligen TV – With the Federal League starts TV Science TV GmbH own TV channel for sports fans. Reports from the training, interviews with players and the press. First of all, stands at the station while the Bundesliga at the center, but the program is also available on the coverage to other sports leagues and their federal extended.


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Germany TVTV AugsburgTV Augsburg – The wide range of programs at TV Augsburg magazine is also available on the Internet and sent via satellite. This allows viewers to receive detailed updates on sports and culture in Bayerisch-Schwaben information.


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ARD Tagesschau –  is a German national and international television news for the German public Service.  The main edition of program is broadcasting at 8’o’clock . The opening theme for ARD Tagesschau  channel is “Hammond Fantasy”. ARD Tagesschau  is the oldest and most watchable channel in Germany. It provides news that will be helpful not only to aged people but also to the youngsters.


History movies is an international satellite and cable TV channel that broadcasts program regarding historical events and persons. History movies also shows some metaphysical and pseudo scientific explanations noted by some historians or scholars. History movies  was launched on January 1, 1995. A&E Television Networks has owned this channel. The slogan for History movies channel is”History made Everyday”. The headquarters for broadcasting this channel are in New York city,united states.

Donau TV –  is a regional channel of the lower Bavarian . The media group Idowa has added this channel.  Donau TV  studio is located in Deggendorf . The managing director is    Thomas Eckl  .  Donau TV broadcasts all type of regional programs that took place in the country. It is a German language channel and people not knowing English can also view.  Donau TV  was founded in the year 1995.

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