France TV Stations:

France TVBoardriders TVBoardriders TV – is the Quiksilver TV channel. Broadcast sports events and competitions. Fashion Show. Surfing and skateboarding.

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France TVBloomberg TVBlomberg TV – The BLOOMBERG TELEVISION® service is the only worldwide 24-hour business and financial television network. BLOOMBERG TELEVISION programming is created exclusively by the global BLOOMBERG NEWS® service. The dynamic BLOOMBERG TELEVISION screen adds depth and context to on-air reports, providing viewers with charts, breaking news, stock quotes and relevant stock indexes in real time gleaned from the news, data and analytics tools of the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service.


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France TVTVSFTVSF – On our channel, you will discover original programming and news fresh news from the world like your neighborhood, all in a tone completely shifted.


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France TVEuronewsEuronews – is the leading international news channel covering world news from a European perspective. Launched in 1993, euronews today is a multi-lingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic), multi-platform news service.


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France TVCalais TV Calais TV – is at the heart of the regional dimension micro Dunkirk / Calais / Boulogne / St Omer. Local news, sports and economic writing composed by a professional journalist.


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France TVASTV ASTV – France Local TV from Grande-Synthe. Movies, musical video clips, documentaries, interviews, News.


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France TVArt ChannelArt Channel – is much more than a satellite TV station: it is an artwork for itself, revolutionary, declaring Television as Art.  Video art, virtual art, experimental movies, short movies, musical video clips, no-comment documentaries, interviews, backstage footage of international artistic events, digital creations.


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France 2 -is a weather forecasting channel. France 2 is a French government organization set up to forecast daily weather report.  Study of weather in France is its main objective. France 2  also aware and acknowledge the french people about the weather condition. Because of it, french people do necessary preparation before leaving the home.


France TVNRJ DanceNRJ Dance-is a Paris based radio Station. NRJ Dance  started broadcasting on March 8, 2003. Dance, house and trance music are the activities shown in this channel. NRJ Dance channel is very popular among the young people.  They are very desperate to see NRJ Dance  channel as it shows dance and music. New trends of dance and latest music are shown in NRJ Dance  channel.  Because of this NRJ Dance is gaining so much popularity.


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NRJ Pop Rock – Music is a French multimedia group based in Paris.  Initially  NRJ Pop Rock was a French pop music radio station.  Later, NRJ Pop Rock  has grown and evolved to become the NRJ Group. Since, 2002 it has gained tremendous popularity . NRJ Pop Rock is very famous for its qualitative work. Total pop world is residing in NRJ Pop Rock  channel. Youngsters are crazy for NRJ Pop Rock  channel in France.