Denmark TV Stations:

DK 24 Nordjyske – News is broadcasting via satellite and cable network. Documentaries & News are the two major programs covered by this channel. DK 24 Nordjyske  Provides news related to politics, economics and business. DK 24 Nordjyske channel helps the viewer to invest their money in the stock market.  DK 24 Nordjyske  is because of the business and economics news shown in this channel.


DK 4 – General is a Danish television channel operated by Tritel.This channel has got a lot of attention from several politicians. This is because of the live transmissions of debates in Folketing. It was launched on December 1, 1994. The channel shows the 30s and 40s movies, speedway, basketball and programs about campaigning.  on a survey it was found that 60% of the Danish view this channel.


DR Update – News was launched on June7,2007. DR Updates a Danish television news channel broadcast by Danmarks Radio. Through internet access DR Update  can be seen on the computer. Primarily this channel has aimed at web distribution. Later it started regular broadcast television through satellite. News loop for DR Update channel is for six minutes. DR Update channel was launched on the Via sat platform on April 1,2008.


DR2 – Is a Danish television station. DR2  is part of Denmark’s Radio, the public service broadcasting company of Denmark. DR2  was launched on 1996.Main output is experimental comedy, documentaries, and in depth news channel. DR2  most resembles the British BBC Four.Many British Production are also shown in this channel. Inspector Morse, Midsummer Murders and Prime Suspect are the crime dramas shown in this channel. Terrestrial digital broadcast started on March 31, 2006.