Cyprus TV Stations:

Sigma TV -General is a commercial network in Cyprus.On April 3,1995 SIGMA TV  was first hit the air. Because of the mix program and popular foreign programs ,SIGMA TV was very  famous among the youngsters having age in between 18-45. SIGMA TV  is particularly a full entertainment package for viewer as it provides children shows,sports,news and movies.


BRT 1/ BRT 2 – Bayrak Radio and Television Co (In Turkish: Bayrak Radyo Televizyon Kurumu), is the official radio and television broadcasting corporation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
The establishment of BRT dates back to December 1963.
In addition to the Turkish language BRT 1 and the mainly English language BRT 2 Television channels.
BRTK launched its internet website in 1997.


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SAT-7 is a Christian TV network broadcasting to the Middle East and North Africa via satellite.
It was founded in 1995 with support from a majority of the Middle Eastern churches.
There Vision:To see a growing Church in the Middle East and North Africa.
There Mission:To provide the churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative, and educational television services.
The network consists of three distinct channels: SAT-7 ARABIC, SAT-7 KIDS and SAT-7 PARS.
The SAT-7 headquarters is located in Nicosia, Cyprus.


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