Chile TV Stations:

CDTV– is a  public owned cable TV channel.  CDTV  airs the session of chamber of Deputies of Chile live. CDTV  is one of the popular channel in Chile.  CDTV  provides the coverage of many live shows to the viewers. CDTV covers a lot of events.


Canal-13 is the second oldest television station in Chile. canal-13  is owned by Pontificia Universidad catolica de chile ,the most Chilean pontifical university. canal-13  was launched  on August 21,1959. canal-13 is altogether a complete package of entertainment. It includes  international shows , soap operas, reality shows and many other programs. canal-13 is one among the popular channels, whose viewers are increasing rapidly.


Noevo Tiempo-It is a Spanish christian tv channel for south America. It is available over the air for the viewers. It is 24 hrs broadcaster through satellite and cable  networks in south America. It gives emphasis on programs related to Adventist  churches ,colleges, hospitals and Institution, health and educational. So it is altogether a complete entertainment and information gaining channel for the  family.