Canada TV Stations:

Canal Savoir– Canal savoir was launched in 1997 with the name of canal de Tele-eseignement. It was inaugurated under the network of CFTU-TV. Mainly it is an education television station where it provides its services in French Language. It’s headquarter is situated in Montreal city. In the field of online its enhancing its services on the internet with enabling training and education. People are getting benefit by its online internet television, i.e. its television is available 24 hours a day. Mostly people getting benefit mainly by its educational channels, discovery channels and cultures TV. Quebec broadcasts canal savoir television station with free of cost. 


ShopTV – is a cable television home shopping channel. ShopTV  is of Canadian English language. It is one of the popular shop television for the viewers. ShopTV  aware the viewers with the latest offers and products available in the market. ShopTV  shows advertising length ranging from 30 seconds to 28.5 seconds. ShopTV  shows wide range of categories like beauty and personal care, entertainment, health  & fitness. ShopTV  is currently owned by Torstar Media Group Television.


MIRACLE CHANNEL-It is licensed and based in Lethbridge, Alberta.  Miracle Channel  is a Canadian English language christian based television station . The on air name of CJIL tv is THE MIRACLE CHANNEL. It was the first over the air TV station and is very religious. First air date for this channel is January 14, 1996. The MIRACLE review Channel  is an organization which is used for examining the shows  that are aired by MIRACLE Channel.


LCN news-is a Canadian French language cable television. LCN is best known to viewer as news channel. LCN provides 24hrs headline news . LCN is owned by Group TVA a division of Quebecor media Inc. LCN broadcasts two 30 minute news segment per hour. You will get continuous new through headline also. These headlines are scrolling at the bottom of the screen continuously.

Salt and Light– is a 2 digital cable specialty channel.  salt and Light comes under the Canadian category.  Salt and Light is launched  in July 2003. Salt and Light is the first catholic national television channel. Salt and Light airs programs in several languages .   Mostly Salt and Light is using English and french.  Salt and Light is supported by St.Joseph Communications, which is the largest privately owned communication company. The programs aired by  Salt and Light channel  is very popular.  Also Salt and Light  is the first catholic national television channel, so initially  Salt and Light was center of attraction for the Catholics. Once you start viewing,you will stick to it.


The Shopping-It is one of the competitor of Shop TV channel in Canada. The Shopping   is a division of Rogers Media. The quarter is headquartered in   Mississauga, Ontario. The Shopping provides telephone and internet shopping too. Just by sitting in home, any viewer can purchase from the list of items in the cart. On Christmas day, The Shopping  channel sells no item. sale broadcasts are  replaced by Christmas scenes with holiday music in the background. The Shopping  channel aimed on the female customer mostly as they are very fond of shopping.


CPAC – (Cable Public Affairs Channel and French: La Chaîne d’affaires publiques par câble), is a Canadian cable television specialty service devoted to coverage of public and government affairs, including carrying a full, uninterrupted feed of proceedings of the Canadian House of Commons, with two separate audio channels; one in English and the other in French. CPAC is similar to C-SPAN in the US. CPAC also broadcasts programming from Public Sénat (France) and Phoenix (Germany).


CBC -Television is a Canadian English language television network and It is owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBC – Television provides a complete 24-hour network schedule of news, sports, entertainment and children’s programming, feeding the same programming at the same local times nationwide, except to the Newfoundland Standard Time Zone, where programs air 30 minutes “late”.
Most CBC television stations, including those in the major cities, are owned and operated by the CBC itself.
Some stations that broadcast from smaller cities are private affiliates of the CBC.

CBC owned-and-operated stations

Calgary, Alberta – CBRT, Channel 9, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island – CBCT, Channel 13
Edmonton, Alberta – CBXT, Channel 5, Fredericton, New Brunswick – CBAT, Channel 4
Halifax, Nova Scotia – CBHT, Channel 3, Iqaluit, Nunavut – CFFB, Channel 8
Ottawa, Ontario – CBOT, Channel 4, Montreal, Quebec – CBMT, Channel 6
Regina, Saskatchewan – CBKT, Channel 9, St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador – CBNT, Channel 8
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – CBKST, Channel 11, Sydney, Nova Scotia – CBIT, Channel 5
Toronto, Ontario – CBLT, Channel 5, Vancouver, British Columbia – CBUT, Channel 2
Whitehorse, Yukon – CFWH, Channel 6, Windsor, Ontario – CBET, Channel 9
Winnipeg, Manitoba – CBWT, Channel 6, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories – CFYK, Channel 8.