Bulgaria TV Stations:

Tiankov TV is a general folklore, music television channel of Bulgaria. It came into existence on June 1, 2007. It offers music, folklore television, dance, folk music charts, songs, traditions and customs for young, old and goes between.  It provides its services for 24 hours via satellites ‘Thor lll’, its programs have established its presence in not only in Bulgaria but also central, northern and Eastern Europe is also receiving its services. Main aim of Tiankov TV is to broadcasts live and recorded folk music. ‘For the first rock’, ‘folklore mosaic’ and ‘Good word word, sing a song’ (greeting) are some favorite television programs of Bulgarians. News, live television and programs schedules are available on its website.


Gypsy TV is comedy television channel from Bulgaria under Gypsy TV Network. It has one more Radio channel Gypsy Radio. It is established in Based on the autobiography of Gypsy Rose Lee.


TV Estate is a tourism channel from Bulgaria. It broadcasts about Tourist places and also documentaries about life of people of different places.

ECO Bulgaria is a television channels from Bulgaria, which broadcasts documentaries about environment and nature of Bulgaria. Its caption is “Dream home built with a clear conscience”.