Argentina TV Stations:

Ita Web TV It is a streams video in the Spanish language. This is one of the well known and popular, educational Internet channel. It is the TV Channel launched to broadcast TV services in Argentina by the group of Argentina companies. This is a live TV Channel in Spanish language. Ita web TV generally form transmitting and information shows, Sending globally on TV and web. One can watch this from anywhere in the world. It also provide the free online video services to us. Ita web TV gives free online video services which offer TV news. This is the fully entertainment channel.

Argentinisima Satellite is a general entertainment channel from Argentina. Argentinisima Satellite is the first and only channel that broadcasts cultural expressions, artistic, tourism and entrepreneurs from all regions of Argentina, 365 days a year 24hours a day.


Argentina TVChannel 4 Channel 4 – Local TV from San Juan. Discussion programs and in depth documentaries  touch upon political and social issues. Our goal is to make television a useful tool to inform with objectivity, equity and to form healthy entertain. We are working to achieve a television committed to change that society demands. We know it is a great challenge, and it is worth.

Argentina TVChannel 26Channel 26 – The goal was to make television a useful tool to inform with objectivity, equity and to form healthy entertain. Discussion programs and in depth documentaries touch upon political, social, economy, sport, and internationals issues. Convinced of the power that television exerts, from Channel 26, we assume that power responsibly.


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Canal 5 –  de Rosario is an Argentine television channel for the city of Rosario, Province of Santa Fe. Channel 5 was inagurated in 1964, making it the only local TV channel. As an affiliate of Telefe, it’s schedule consists of local news, soap operas, movies, entertainment shows and cartoons. It started broadcasting in color in 1980.



Canal 6 – de Bariloche is an Argentine private, television station broadcasting from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche. It is the only over-the-air TV station available on this turistic point. It offers a schedule comprised of soap operas, entertainment shows, news and movies. The local programming available on the station is almost non-existant.


Channel 10 – Tucumán is one of the two free-to-air channels in the province of Tucumán, Argentina.   It is owned by the National University of Tucumán. The headquarters and studios are located in Yerba Buena. It also has relay stations in Choromoro (Channel 2), Tafí del Valle (Channels 4 and 10), Trancas (Channel 5) and San Pedro de Colalao (Channel 7). Channel 10 went on air at 1966.  At first, it began broadcasting cultural programming, but soon it turned into a more commercial station. Color transmission began in 1980 and it was the only free-to-air channel until 1983. At present, the station is part of The Buenos Aires-based Channel 13 ARTEAR network, with some local programming.

Canal 13 Buenos Aires began its transmissions in 1960. The station was licensed to Proartel S.A.,In 1991, after privatisation, Canal 13 went to Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino S.A., a company popularly known as Artear. Its major shareholder is the company that publishes the daily newspaper “Clarín”. Since then, the station has remained second on ratings in Buenos Aires.
Since 1996 the station works in association with the independent production company Pol-Ka, owned by the actor Adrián Suar, who in 2002 became programming manager of the station.   Canal 13 hosts some of the most popular TV stars and journalists in Argentina.
Canal 13 are broadcast throughout Argentina by other local TV stations.